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      Kids participate in Barnelopet ski race

      The Masta Hiihto trails in Hancock were filled with kids this afternoon, all of them participating in the 6th Annual Barnelopet Cross Country Ski races.

      The races were for kids ranging from three to seventeen.

      The race was broken down from a one kilometer to a five kilometer course. This year they had more than forty participate.

      It's a non-competitive race that encourages kids to continue skiing. Some parents even joined in and skied with their kids.

      "I know for our kids it's a chance to be with their friends to do exercise. The competition is good for them. It gives them goals and things to shoot for," said Bobbie Wood, parent. "It's just a nice chance to go out in the outdoors and, well, to go fast and ski," said Joseph Wood.

      After crossing the finish line, each kid received a medal for completing the course.