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      Kids participate in drills

      Kids refueled their energy after an action-packed morning.

      "I really liked the obstacle course and, like, the shooting the gun at the little dot and wall and stuff," said Janessa Coponen.

      More than 60 kids pushed their limits in Michigan Tech's Annual Day of Challenge.

      With Michigan Tech ROTC motivating every step of the way, students participated in a number of physically and mentally challenging drills.

      "Two people were linked together and we had to get out. And after five or six minutes of trying to get out, we couldn't. We got a hint, which was the way you loop the strings and we got out. It was difficult to say the least," said Zachary Cherubini.

      In thirteen teams, kids competed in a physical fitness test, ran in an obstacle course, and performed some team building exercises.

      "Self pride in your own physical abilities or your mental capabilities, or teamwork, and leadership. All these things come to play with different students. It's quite amazing how different ones react so differently to different drills," said Butch Paavola, VFW Post 6165.

      The Day of Challenge also gives kids an opportunity to learn more about the military.

      "It helps them conquer a lot of their fears and interact with military members because people know what the military is, but they don't know what they're like and everything. So, definitely meeting with these guys and cooperating with them is definitely a good experience," said Brandon Eagleman.

      Their hard work and determination also had its rewards.