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      Kids shop for Christmas

      Elementary students in Ishpeming got a jumpstart on their holiday shopping Tuesday.

      Students from pre-kindergarten to fourth grade from Birchview Elementary have been making trips by the busload to a Family Dollar Store. The kids are greeted by volunteers who help them find presents for mom and dad. Each student comes with their own allowance given by their parents. Donations help fund students who come from less fortunate living situations. Holiday decorations and coffee mugs seem to be popular picks among the kids.

      "They are able to come to the store and see what it's like to purchase gifts for their moms or dads and brothers and sisters. It's fun to see what they picked out for them without the parents actually being there, helping them pick it out," said Parents Association President, Cindy Lowes.

      The annual event is sponsored by the Ishpeming's Parents Association. Over the next three days, classes of Birchview students will continue to come to Family Dollar until all students have been able to pick out a present for someone special.