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      Kids show mom how much they love them

      Nothing says "I love you, mom" more than a special morning devoted to them.

      On Wednesday, 46 pre-kindergarten and kindergarten students at Father Marquette Elementary School participated in a Mother's Day celebration to say thank you.

      For the past couple of weeks, the kids have been drawing portraits of their mothers and growing flowers to show how much they care about them. Teachers say the bond between a student and their parent is essential for early childhood development.

      "Well, it is extremely important for us to foster parent/child relations," said Kindergarten teacher Marian Heinzelman. "One of the best early learning tools for our children are their parents. So to actually be able to celebrate our parents, like we are today, it is just wonderful for the kids and moms to see what we do."

      Father Marquette has several family-oriented events planned for the rest of the year, including a picnic at Mattson Lower Harbor in Marquette on June 1.