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      Kinetic Affect hits Kingsford High School

      With more attention on efforts to stop bullying, students are now getting involved to tackle the issue. One student at Kingsford High School took the initiative to recruit an artistic duo to help his peers prevent bullying.

      Students at the school watched the humorous performance of the "Kinetic Affect". It's a two-man performance by Gabriel Giron and Kirk Latimer who combine poetry and past experiences to increase the awareness of bullying.

      "I'm glad that this topic is now being able to come to the forefront and people are actually addressing it because there's clearly a lot of kids that are suffering over the topic," said Giron.

      Darin Martin, the student body president, had seen the performance at a conference and wanted to share their message with his fellow classmates. Martin has been fundraising since last fall and finally raised enough money for the Kinetic Affect to come to Kingsford High School.