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      King of Rock 'N Roll to play in Iron River

      He was one of the most famous cultural icons of the 20th century, and he's arrived in Iron County. â??They called and asked if I would come to help Camp Batawagama,â?? said Elvis Presley tribute artist, Ryan Roth.

      Roth has traveled all over the country to bring back the memory of the man who revolutionized rock and roll. â??The thing that makes Elvis so special is that Elvis truly was about giving back to his fans,â?? Roth said. So in keeping with Elvis' passion, Ryan is performing for a cause very near to the hearts of those in the U.P.

      â??The program is the same now that it was in 1947 when my father took over as the program director,â?? said camp worker, Lorna Addison. Camp Batawagama provides youth camps, band camps, and other summer activities and has been doing so for over six decades. To make sure the camp keeps going, the group â??Friends of Batawagama" arranged to have the King of Rock and Roll perform to help raise money for things the camp is in need of. â??New roofs, watercraft, all of the canoes and rowboats, all of the kayaks, a lot of the equipment in the kitchen, and a lot of the arts and crafts equipment,â?? Addison said.

      The King said he's excited to be a part of something that puts children and their passions first. â??Anything that helps out youth; Iâ??m very much about supporting kids so that they can pursue their dreams and try to fulfill their endeavors,â?? Roth said.

      The concert series kicks off Wednesday, July 10, at the Windsor Center in Iron River at 7 p.m. A second show is scheduled for this Friday, July 12 at the same time.

      Tickets can be purchased for $15 at the Iron County Chamber of Commerce and Central Arts in Iron River. Tickets for the â??Afterglowâ?? event are $10 and will be held at Alice's on the 10th and at The Station on the 12th in Iron River.