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      Kingsford HS students launch high power rockets

      Students from Kingsford High School launched high power rockets on Saturday at the former Groveland Mine Tailing Ponds.

      Over 20 rockets were launched throughout the day but the biggest rocket was 14 feet tall, weighed 70 pounds and flew about a mile in the air. The community gathered to watch the students launch their rockets that took over four months to prep.

      â??Iâ??m hoping they leave away with some fun and enjoy what theyâ??re doingâ?? said Bill Bertoldi, high power rocket program advisor at Kingsford High School. â??Iâ??m hoping they leave with some understanding of engineering. We normally see 60-70% of the kids in this program go into science, math or engineering fields.â??

      The program launches rockets twice a year but will most likely have to find a new location for their launches because the Groveland Mine plans to reopen.