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      Kingsford man sent to prison for sexual and physical assault

      A 40-year-old Kingsford man was sent to prison Tuesday for physically and sexually assaulting a woman over the summer.

      William Bottesi will pay close to $7,000 in fines and serve a minimum of 40 months to a maximum of 15 years in prison for his convictions of third degree criminal sexual conduct, second degree criminal sexual conduct assault with intent to commit sexual penetration and operating a vehicle while impaired.

      Bottesi was in tears while telling the judge during his sentence hearing that he deserved to do time.

      "I honestly need some time in prison just to gather myself up," expressed the defendant. "I ask that you follow the guidelines and give me what you think I deserve."

      The Kingsford man was arrested this past summer when he got into a verbal argument with the female plaintiff, while intoxicated with alcohol, and then began to physically and sexually assault the woman.

      When he finally stopped, the woman fled back to her home and called the cops.