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      Kingsford mayor running for council re-election

      Elections are coming up on Tuesday, November 5, and in Kingsford, four people are running for the two open seats on the City Council.

      One candidate, Dennis Baldinelli, is running, and he's also currently the mayor of the city. If elected, it would be his twelfth year on the council, and he says he would continue to encourage businesses and companies to come to Kingsford. â??We do an awful lot of economic development,â?? said Baldinelli. â??We find that some of the economic development, some of the people, don't really notice until projects are mentioned. There are a couple businesses that are discussing expanding; of course, one is Eagle Tool, another is Kingsford Broach.â??

      Baldinellli made mention of aspects of the city which make Kingsford a unique community to live in, namely, the rich history of Henry Fordâ??s influence, as well as the various parks and recreation areas in the city. Voting will take place on Tuesday, November 5.