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      Kingsford students collect data the high tech way

      S ince 2001, students at Kingsford High School have used a high tech program enabling them to collect data of their local habitats.

      T he program, called ESRI, is a world leader in mapping and modeling technology. Kingsford is only one of two high schools in the U.P. with the software.

      E very year the students gather data about local streams and rivers in the area while analyzing previously collected data from other students.

      "S o what we're doing is we're looking at a 10-year study of some pine creek data, and I don't know that any school in the state has done that," said Robert Martonen, environmental science teacher.

      "I definitely like the collecting data, it's fun. You put on swampers, you walk out in the water, you find microorganisms and study all of them; it's a lot of fun," said Hilding Beaudoin, Kinsford High School senior.

      R esearch collected from the environmental science class over the years assisted the DNR in introducing a better ecosystem and habitat for Brook Trout in Pine Creek.