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      Kingsford to level potholes

      It's pothole season in Upper Michigan. In Kingsford, they're taking the initiative on improving those conditions.

      The City of Kingsford has received grants to improve some of the roads in their area. One project is to resurface several blocks on Hamilton Avenue near Flivver Field. The city says they're looking forward to getting the project started.

      "One of the things we had to coordinate with this particular project was that it does run between the Kingsford High School and Middle School complex and also the vocational school, and it's the main route for the students, back and forth, from both facilities. We coordinated that project to not start until after the school year was out and completion before school starts again," said Kingsford City Manager, Tony Edlebeck.

      The city received funding from the Small Urban Program which will also help with a project to resurface areas of Westwood Avenue.