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      Kirkish Furniture celebrates 100 years of business

      Since 1913, the Kirkish family has been serving the Copper Country community through their family business, Kirkish Furniture.

      With 100 years under the Kirkish family belt, current president, Chris Kirkish, said heâ??s learned a few keys to success.

      â??Value and taking care of our customers,â?? said Chris. â??I donâ??t think weâ??d be here for a hundred years if we didnâ??t do that.â??

      What founder George Kirkish, Chrisâ?? grandfather, started as just a dry goods store with a few pieces of furniture for sale has turned into a tradition the family says is â??in their blood.â??

      With most members of the family working in the store, one might wonder how they get along.

      â??Itâ??s a pleasure,â?? said Dan Kirkish, Chrisâ?? father. â??We donâ??t fight. We disagree sometimes, but we get along, and thereâ??s no animosity between us.â??

      â??We work six days a week together, and then on Sunday, we still get together and have family dinner,â?? Chris added. â??So, we see each other every day of the week. People are surprised at how well we get along. We actually really work well together.â??

      The family says they are always looking to the future at possible expansion or new items to sell. But what they feel will remain is carrying on the Kirkish family tradition.

      â??Itâ??s such a blessing that we have all those customers coming back to us year after year,â?? Chris said. â??I think weâ??ve taken care of them year after year, and thatâ??s why we are such a presence in the community.â??

      â??It means an awful lot,â?? Dan added. â??It puts a lot of emphasis on the people in the area that weâ??ve served, and we like them so much, and evidently they like us because weâ??re still here.â??