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      Kiser Hydro helps to provide electricity and educate students

      At the Sturgeon Bay Power Dam in Norway, gallons and gallons of water pass through to create electricity.

      The turbines underneath the dam were designed and manufactured at Kiser Hydro in Norway. Theyâ??ve been operating for over 40 years, designing, manufacturing, and repairing turbines and other hydroelectric products internationally.

      â??We use all American steel and we build everything right here in Norway,â?? said CFO, Tom Berutti. â??We ship all over the world, to Papua New Guinea, all through the US and Canada.â??

      Theyâ??ve mastered the computer technology used to make newer turbine blades with specific angles to increase efficiency by thirty percent. They also travel to other plants around the country for on-site repairing.

      â??What we do with these is we take them out of the dam and put them back, so there's a lot of work out there in the field,â?? said employee, Scott Gifford.

      Their passion for hydroelectricity has led them to reach out to area youth for canoe trips and educational visits to Isle Royale through the Renewable World Foundation. The Renewable World Foundation reaches out to around 6,000 students each year through various educational programs. Kiser Hydro has educated around 200 students through their Isle Royale Education Program.

      And even though some of the plants and dams they work at are older, the technology they introduce is top-notch.

      â??When you take a look at some of those older plants, a lot of the stuff is from the 30's and 40's and it's kind of outdated,â?? said Senior Project Manager, Mark Rollenhagen. â??The technology has come a long way since then.â??

      By introducing new technology to the existing plants in the area, they help to provide electricity to the residents of Norway, and around the world.