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      "Kiss Me, Kate" set to open in Marquette

      Students from Marquette Senior High School have been busy this fall, putting together their annual school musical. This year's show, "Kiss Me, Kate," opens Thursday night at Kaufman Auditorium and runs through Saturday.

      "Kiss Me, Kate" is a play within a play.

      "It's a troupe that's getting ready to do a musical version of 'The Taming of the Shrew,' and a lot of the backstage shenanigans end up spilling onto the stage," said director Marty Martello.

      Martello leads the cast of about 40 students. The ninth through twelfth graders have put in some late nights working on the production while balancing their normal academic studies.

      MSHS senior Elizabeth Grugin plays "Kate" in the show. She said there are several storylines to follow, including a love triangle.

      "There's a lot of drama with money issues, too, so it's got quite a few different plots," said Grugin. "It's really interesting."

      The talent on stage is matched by the members of the pit orchestra and students working behind the scenes with stage managing and set design. Grugin, who wants to pursue a career in opera, said musicals are a team effort.

      "It's not just one person all on their own, you really have to work together with everyone in the cast, and it's really important to get along with everybody," she said.

      "Kiss Me, Kate" runs Thursday through Saturday evenings with each show starting at 7 p.m.

      Ticket prices range from six to twelve dollars. You can purchase them in advance through NMU ticket outlets, and they will also be available at the front doors of Kaufman Auditorium.

      "People that have a good sense of humor will enjoy it, and the music is great," she said.

      "They should come see it because these kids are amazing," Martello said. "There's more talent at this school than I ever anticipated when I first took this job. The quality of the singing is excellent."