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      Kiss the pig

      Not every student gets to enjoy seeing their principal kiss a real live pig. But the students of Jones Elementary School got the treat after meeting a challenge to bring in over 500 pounds of food for the TV6 Canathon.

      The final total that was brought in to St. Vincent de Paul was a record 651 pounds of food. At first, Principal Kristina Hansen tried to play a trick of her own on the students by kissing a stuffed pig at Monday's assembly. But no, she stuck to her word and planted a smooch on a real live piggy one of the students brought in.

      "Well, I'm not much of an animal lover, and so this was a big thing for me to show students that it's really important to step outside your comfort zone if it helps other people," said Hansen.

      Hansen says she's proud of her students. She plans on putting out another principal's challenge next year.