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      Kitchen catches fire in Ishpeming

      Firefighters were called to a kitchen fire in Ishpeming on Friday afternoon.

      According to the Ishpeming Fire Department, a pan on the stove in an apartment on Bank Street in Ishpeming was the source of the fire. Firefighters say that the pan was left on the stove with a burner going, which caused a nearby item to melt and catch fire, falling into the pan. This caused the stove hood to catch fire.

      All residents in the apartment building were outside when firefighters arrived. A dog was reported to be inside the building and was rescued by the firefighters.

      One person was treated for smoke inhalation, and the apartments in the building suffered some smoke damage. The apartment where the fire started suffered damage to the stove and kitchen area.

      Pigs 'N Heat, along with the American Red Cross, will be assisting the occupants of the apartment building.