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      Kits to soothe the soul

      The counselors at Great Lakes Recovery Centers have adopted a new way for clients to deter themselves from substance abuse. It's called a self-soothe kit.

      Clients make the kits for themselves to help manage their emotions more effectively. They have a box they fill with items which appeal to the five senses, such as pictures, essential oils, candy, CDs, and silk to touch.

      Dr. Marsha Linehan created Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, which is what the self-soothe kits are based on.

      Dialectical Behavioral Therapy is made up of four parts: mindfulness, Stress tolerance, emotion regulation, and interpersonal c ommunication.

      "The idea is that when they go to this, their self-soothe kit, that it's kind of for in a crisis. When they're just really having trouble managing instead of turning to substances or some other destructive type of behavior," said Melissa DeMarse, Primary Counselor at Great Lakes Recovery Centers.

      Counselors say they have received positive feedback from clients regarding the self-soothe kits.