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      Kitten saved from car gets a new home

      One furry little kitten is lucky to be alive after he was found under the hood of a car on the campus of Michigan Technological University.

      The kitten, named Loki, now has a happy home with Colleen and Scott Carroll after the couple was called out to the parking lot by public safety last week after a loud meowing was heard coming from their car. When Scott popped the hood a tiny kitten was hiding inside, and the couple says they just had to keep him.

      "We had already been thinking about getting a kitten," said Scott Carroll. "It turns out that we felt bad about getting a new kitten rather than adopting one that's older and needing a home and then this one kind of fell into our lap."

      The couple says Loki is doing really well and what makes him even more special is that he's polydactyl, meaning he has an extra toe on each paw. Loki was taken to the veterinarian to fully recover.