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      Kivela Kicks Off Campaign

      Democratic state representative John Kivela kicked off his reelection campaign in Marquette on Friday.

      Kivela says there are a lot of things that need to be done if he gets reelected, and he made a strong push for marriage equality.

      Kivela says that he strongly believes that the issue will be brought up in the Michigan legislature later this year, possibly in the summer or fall. As for the issue itself, Kivela feels that it's an easy decision.

      â??It's real simple, when you go meet with high school kids in these classrooms, it's almost unanimous the support for the issue, and that's the generation that's coming up. So without question, that ship's sailed. We need to move on and be one of the more progressive states in the country and get it doneâ?? he said.

      In addition to his support for marriage equality, Kivela also is the lead sponsor on a six bill package designed to fight the growing meth epidemic in the up.

      â??Itâ??s out of control and we need to do somethingâ?? Kivela said.

      The bill is designed to control the supply of pseudoephedrine and keep it out of the hands of people who are using it inappropriately.

      Kivela says that the issue is complex one; it's not just the abuse itself, but also because the production causes fires, explosions, and contamination.

      In addition, the representative is also looking to reach across the aisle and work with republicans to solve the bankruptcy in Detroit by installing an oversight committee as a four year financial plan for the city.