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      Kiwanis club barbecues a community meal

      For the last 56 years the Kiwanis Club of Marquette has grilled up a delicious meal for locals, and this year is no different.

      More than 60 volunteers served dine-in or take out of barbecue chicken halves at the Lakeview Arena in Marquette Sunday afternoon. For only nine dollars, customers got chicken, potatoes, ice cream and milk. Some of the volunteers came from local high schools and NMU. This year, the club also presented a check to a worldwide cause.

      "They do great work for the children and the community, and they're also contributing to the International Foundation Eliminate Project," said District Governor Fred Dietze. "That check represents the saving of thousands of lives; $1.80 donation saves a mother and a child from tetanus."

      The club grilled and served around 3,000 chicken halves with their special barbecue sauce.