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      Kiwanis Club hosts 58th annual Chicken BBQ

      The Kiwanis Club cooked up a whopping three thousand halves of chicken Sunday at their 58th annual Chicken Barbecue.

      For a $10 ticket, you could get half a chicken, baked potato, dinner roll, cup of ice cream and a drink. And if you wanted to get it to go, the club had a vehicle takeout lane set up as well.

      A former president of the club told TV-6 that the community coming together with the club to enjoy a group experience is what makes the event so memorable.

      "Well, I just enjoy the camaraderie, working with the different members of our club, seeing all the people in the community come in to the barbeque. It's certainly a... It's a very, very popular event in the community" said former club president Mike Morgan.

      Morgan says the money raised from today's event will go back into community projects and events the club sponsors.