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      Kiwanis Club hosts Christmas dinner

      Volunteers from the Kiwanis Club helped to make sure anyone in need didn't go hungry on Christmas Day .

      The Kiwanis Club provided a Christmas dinner for the community in Marquette. This is the 25th annual Christmas meal by the Kiwanis Club.

      The Salvation Army supplied a venue for the meal.

      The club received many food donations from individuals and through sponsors. It took about four days of cooking for the event. Hundreds were served over the course of the afternoon, and more than 150 people received meals to go. That's more than triple of last year's meals to go.

      The Kiwanis Club is an international organization mainly focused on children, but in the spirit of Christmas, they benefit the entire community.

      "And it's been kind of remarkable to see the need in the community, and we're glad we're given the opportunity to give a little back during the Christmas season," said John Wells, president of Superiorland Kiwanis.

      The meal also featured a memorial for Mike Roach, a recently deceased volunteer of many years.