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      KNHP Calumet Visitor Center

      Hundreds of people came out today to attend the opening of the Keweenaw National Historical Park Visitor Center.

      The center TMs exhibit and design took about three years to complete and offers different touch screen and interactive displays for those interested in learning more about the history of the Copper Country.

      The Calumet Visitor Center is really here to preserve and interpret the copper mining history that occurred throughout the Keweenaw Peninsula. It also highlights our park partners and the resources that they have and the stories that they interpret as well, said Chief of Interpretation and education Kathleen Harter.

      Senator Carl Levin was also in attendance and he talked about the importance of preserving mining history.

      With all the exhibits that are here the young people are going to be able to come and understand why am I eating pasties? Where TMd the pasty come from and they TMll learn that wonderful thing that we take for granted. It TMs so delicious and what we now love sustained minors in a very cold and very dark place, said Senator Levin.

      There are films and photographs throughout the halls and the center also offers an oral history from people who lived in the area.The first floor of the exhibit houses the traveling displays and other artifacts from the past.

      At this center you will see displays like this one which outline the history of the Copper Country.

      A naturalization ceremony was also held today.

      These individuals celebrated their final step in becoming a citizen of the United States and with the celebration all around, the visitor center TMs goal is to give everyone the ability to immerse themselves in local history.