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      Knockin'em back for GREAT START

      The GREAT START Collaborative of Marquette and Alger counties will hold a Michigan craft beer tasting event for its second annual fundraiser.

      Thursday's fundraiser at UpFront & Co. will feature an auction with prizes like hand-drawn pictures from community VIPs including State Representative Steve Lindberg. Other prizes include an autographed golf Hall of Fame flag. All proceeds go to the organization's Safe Sleep Practices for Infants initiative.

      "Recently we had a couple of deaths of children, infants, it's very sad. We want to get information out to families and the importance of safe, sleep practices," said GREAT START Director, Kathy Lammi. Some items GREAT START plans on buying include sleep sacks and cribs for new moms. Tickets for the event are $25 and can be purchased at the door.