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      Korean War veterans honored for their service

      The years 2010 through 2013 mark the 60th anniversary of the Korean War--a war that ended in July of 1953.

      Forty-four veterans from the five branches of service were given certificates at the D.J. Jacobetti Home for Veterans in Marquette.

      The Department of Defense said over 36,000 Americans died in the Korean War and over 100,000 were wounded.

      Before awards were given to each veteran, the deputy director of the Michigan Veterans Affairs Agency gave a speech. There was also a musical selection by two acoustic guitar artists.

      "I was on standby, but I appreciate the service and the opportunity to serve in the military and to meet wonderful people," said Jim Liberty, Army veteran.

      Below is a complete list of the veterans given certificates.

      Reino J. Aho (Army)

      Kenneth R. Aho (Air Force)

      Gerald L. Alverson (Air Force)

      Harlod G. Berg (Army)

      Richard A. Bessolo (Army)

      Richard H. Bode (Navy)

      Ray F. Brush (Marine Corps)

      William R. Buccalo (Army)

      Robert E. Carter (Navy)

      Henry C. Coron (Marine Corps)

      Francis N. DeLorensi (Army)

      Gordon W. Elson (Army)

      John M. Farrell (Army)

      Leon K. First (Coast Guard)

      Oscar O. Froberg (Army)

      Merrill W. Froney (Navy)

      Philip M. Golden (Army)

      George F. Helfinstine (Army)

      Hobart B. Ingle (Army)

      Donald S. Johnson (Marine Corps)

      Edward J. Johnson (Army)

      John V. Koski (Air Force)

      James H. Liberty (Army)

      George E. Loiselle (Navy)

      Charles L. Lundin (Army)

      Ronald J. Luoma (Army)

      Raymond R. Lynch (Navy)

      John F. Madigan (Army)

      Eugene R. Marceau (Army)

      Leo A. Marttila (Army)

      John C. McCullah (Air Force)

      Edwin G. Nelson (Marine Corps)

      Dale O. Payment (Air Force)

      Walter C. Peterson (Air Force)

      Dan W. Polenz (Air Force)

      James D. Pruitt (Navy)

      Paul E. Richards (Army)

      Tommy R. Smith (Air Force)

      Donald G. Swajanen (Army)

      James R. Tuomela (Army)

      James I. Vadnais (Marine Corps)

      Raymond J VanLinden (Navy)

      Myron A. Weston (Navy)

      Clare A. Yelle (Air Force)