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      Kountry Klub members enjoy the Upper Peninsula

      Nearly 500 Luxury recreational vehicles have gathered at the UP state fair ground in Escanaba. The 29th annual international Newmar Kountry Klub rally began Monday.

      Each Kountry Klub members own a Newmar RV, and many of the members live in their home year round.

      Their RV ownership isnâ??t the only reason they are a part of this club. Many of the members enjoy the lasting friendships they make.

      â??We consider the Newmar Kountry Klub and Corporation as another family,â?? said International Kountry Klub director Jim Weeks. â??Itâ??s just one great big life.â??

      â??We met friends that weâ??ll keep a lifetime,â?? said Missouri Kountry Klub member Harold Fiebelman.

      While attending the annual rallies, many enjoy exploring new places.

      â??So far itâ??s been great,â?? Fiebelman said. â??Weâ??ve tried pastiesâ?|pahsties? And just touring the area and finding out more about the Upper Peninsulaâ??

      This year, the Klub members got the premier view of the 2015 Newmar line.

      This includes the 45 foot London Aire retailing for $619,000.

      It features curved wood accents and porcelain tiles.

      If you would like an up close look at these RVâ??s, the Klub is hosting a public open house this Wednesday from 10:00 until 2:00 p.m. at the U.P. State Fairgrounds.