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      Krusin Klassics draws hundreds

      "Well this one is a 1948 Willys pickup truck two-wheel drive. I did a lot of work to it. It's not stock by far," said Tom Ownes.

      Over the last ten years Tom Owens has collected three classics.

      A 1948 Willys pickup truck, a 1968 Chevelle Malibu, and a 1971 Nova.

      He's restored each of them from the ground up.

      "I rebuilt the motor, transmissions, all the rear ends, everything. It's just a lot of work and it's a lot of time, but when you start it up and take it for the first ride that's when you know you did it right," Owens said.

      Restoring cars isn't cheap.

      Owens has put in around $20,000 and that's not including the countless hours of labor.

      He's one of hundreds showing off their hard work at the 29th Annual Krusin Klassics car show.

      "It's not a muscle car it's not going to go screeching down the road, but it's got class," said John West.

      More than 600 cars filled the U.P. State Fairgrounds.

      All of them lined up one after the other each with a story of their own.

      "My husband did it in memory of my brother that was killed. All new metal, doors. The only thing that was on the car was the hood and the trunk," said Lisa Menard.

      The love of restoring classic cars is also getting passed down to teens like the North Central High School Auto Club.