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      L.A. production crew to film movie in the Keweenaw

      Calling all aspiring actors!

      An independent movie company from Los Angeles, Beyond the Porch Productions, is coming to the Copper Country to produce a movie completely filmed in the Keweenaw.

      Film director, Edd Benda, is planning to tell the true coming-of-age story of his uncle, a Calumet native, and his 1,300-mile bike ride around our favorite Great Lake, and the title of the movie, "Superior."

      â??You're not going to get the beautiful shores and pictured rocks of Lake Superior anywhere in California,â?? said Benda. â??You're not going to get this type of natural environment and these types of towns and these types of people in California.â??

      Benda's looking for about 30 locals to play the characters and help out the production team.

      â??A Yooper is a specific kind of person, and try as many might, you can't pretend to be a Yooper,â?? he said. â??What was important to us was in order to capture the character of this region and the other towns in this film is, people needed to be from here and understand not only how to talk and how to sound and all that, but the character and the sensibility of those people.â??

      Local filmmaker, Rick Allen, said having the crew film a movie in the Upper Peninsula could open a lot more doors in the filmmaking industry in the future.

      â??This area is so versatile and has so many resources that could be used for filmmaking; it's really the ideal place,â?? explained Allen. â??There have been films that have been partially filmed here in the past, but my idea was that we can make films entirely in this area because there's so many different locations, so many great people.â??

      Filming begins at the end of the month and will wrap up mid-July. Allen said it's easy for the community to help the crew as they make their way around the Keweenaw.

      â??Building sets could cost thousands and thousands dollars, but we don't need a lot of sets because we already have ready-made locations,â?? he said. â??So, allowing the film company to come in, giving up some of your time to let them film, that's something that people can do right here to support the industry.â??

      Open auditions will take place at the Jutila Center in Hancock Sunday, June 8 from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. for anyone wanting to act or just lend a hand behind the scenes.

      Benda said he hopes the film sheds some light on the hidden treasures surrounding Lake Superior.

      â??I hope that the film highlights the area better than I can just by talking about it,â?? he said. â??So, I look forward to showing this place off to the rest of the world and its actual beauty.â??