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      Labor Day Festival

      It's the day in which America pays tribute to the working man and woman. Monday in Ishpeming, it was the Annual Parade and Rally, and people packed the parade route. Hundreds of men, women, and children walked together in support of working families.

      Jennifer Jayzlo with the American Association of University Professors says protecting workers is a must.

      "I'm a strong believer in collective bargaining right and make sure that it's there for our children when they get into the workforce," said Jayzlo.

      Several labor unions also marched together, including the United Steelworkers Union, whose contract expired last week with Cliff's Natural Resources. We tried to talk with union officials about the status of negotiations on a new contract and would only confirm a new agreement is still being worked on.

      Marquette Mayor John Kivela was at the rally, and along with other speakers stressed the importance of everyone stepping up and defending workers' rights.

      "If you brought your kids here today, take them to the voting booth with you. Urge them to go, teach them to vote, and teach them why and how to choose candidates and why," said Kivela.

      Union officials urge people to protect workers' rights by voting for a collective bargaining rights amendment to the state constitution come November.

      Rick Trainor with the Michigan Education Agency says it's about making sure workers get their say.

      "It's about giving people the right to make a decision about their wages, their hours, their working conditions. Making sure that the government doesn't get to just say, you know, you don't have any power. People in control can do whatever they want," said Trainor.