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      Labor unions gather at Northern Michigan University

      Five labor unions held a rally Wednesday afternoon at the Northern Michigan University campus.

      The American Association of University Professors was on campus creating awareness and garnering support for their collective bargaining talks. The AAUP feels that they have been patient with the NMU administration and say it's time for them to get their fair share.

      "Recently at an Academic Senate Meeting, President Wong said the financial crisis is over, so we think it's time. The faculty have had no raises for a number of years, so we feel it's time to have just compensation and benefits so we can serve the students," said NMU AAUP President Ron Sundell.

      The AAUP also said that they have been operating with an insufficient number of faculty members and are paid less in comparison to similar Michigan universities. The faculty union is currently in labor negotiations, and their contract expires at the end of June.