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      Lack of snow hurts some Delta County businesses

      Businesses are often affected by the weather. Some places do better in the summer months, but for others, their traffic increases with the snowfall.

      And even though towns in the "banana belt" get milder winters, many business owners say the lack of snow does have a negative impact on business.

      Snowmobilers may not make up a big chunk of business for the Ford River Pub & Grill. Still, the lack of snow and lack of snowmobilers does have an effect.

      â??There hasnâ??t been even one snowmobiler so far this year,â?? said Matt Lund, owner of the Ford River Pub & Grill. â??The river is not frozen yet, so that affects it. Itâ??s open in many places. We haven't gotten the real cold weather yet. And also, we've only got about an inch-and-a-half of snow on the ground."

      Ford River and Gladstone are in the milder â??banana belt.â??

      â??I remember in the mid to early '90s, there was a Christmas with no snow,â?? said Mike Mayers, owner of Gladstone PowerSports. â??But this far into January, this is definitely unusual for the area, even though we're in the banana belt.''

      So how does the light snow affect a business like Gladstone PowerSports that relies on winter weather?

      Fifty to 60 percent of the business is made up of maintenance and upkeep. They service 40-50 recreational vehicles like snowmobiles every month, but the lack of snow has knocked that number down to about 15 or 20.

      Mayers said the winter season for his store started November 1. He said the facility was actually a lot busier in November.

      Mayers is one of many Delta County business owners who hope temperatures drop and customer flow rises.