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      Ladies' Day at the U.P. State Fair

      The U.P. State Fair promises something for everyone. And Friday was designated Ladies' Day.

      The annual event is a fun mix and mingle with takeaway gifts and tips to help women of all ages live a healthier life. "We all have stress in our lives. And stress is something that is both a good thing and a bad thing," said Kim Johnson, OB/GYN at OSF St. Francis Hospital. Johnson went on to explain methods of dealing and coping with stress. Lanna Scannell, Director of Community Relations at OSF St. Francis said, "It's just a great opportunity for women to come out and learn more about the things that affect them mentally, physically and psychologically. Plus, it's alot of fun."

      Karen Dziedzic traveled from Menominee for her annual trip to the fair. "Shortly, my sister and her daughter and her granddaughter will be coming. So, I came early to get a spot."

      A mother and daughter baking team attend the event each year, as well. Stacey Kuehl and her mother, Becky Kuehl, both of Rapid River, have won awards in previous years for their desserts. "Two years ago, I took Grand Champion and my daughter took Grand Champion last year. Last week, we went and picked berries. I ended up making homemade blueberry sauce last night for the top." Her daughter, Stacey, said, "We like to come here because it's like a family tradition. This year, I made zucchini apple bread."

      Winners took home 1st, 2nd and 3rd place ribbons.