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      Ladies of the Lake learn to kayak

      Living on the largest of the Great Lakes is like nature's invitation to try out water sports, and one of the most popular is kayaking.

      At this weekend's ninth annual Ladies of the Lake, proper safety techniques were a top concern.

      "The great thing about sea kayaking is anybody can do it," said Downwind Sports employee Bill Thompson. "It's a really fun family sport, but when talking about a big lake, like Lake Superior, and cold temperatures like we have up here and conditions that can change in a matter of minutes, it's really important to know safety aspects of kayaking."

      The groups went over everything from what to do if you're in danger to proper clothing to prevent hypothermia.

      The Kayak Symposium caters to all skill levels, including those who are just starting and women who have been kayaking for years.

      Melanie Hwalek is new to the sport and traveled from Detroit just for the lessons.

      "Wow, I learned a whole lot," said Kwalek. "Not that I can do it, but I learned what it takes. It's alright to not know how to do anything because look at the water and the beautiful lake. It's a huge lake, and you just want to make sure you're safe."

      We all know that Lake Superior isn't the warmest, and the instructors say it's important to dress for the water temperature and not the air temperatures, and to always wear a life jacket.

      The kayakers will be paddling all weekend long.