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      Lady Long Rider camps in Iron River during her 8,000 mile horseback journey

      A woman on an 8,000 mile journey on horseback has set up camp near Iron River Tuesday night.

      Bernice Ende is no stranger to long rides. She's already been on seven rides of 15,000 or more miles. She calls herself "Lady Long Rider."

      Her latest journey with her two horses, Montana Spirit and Essie Pearl, is from Montana to Maine where she'll winter and then all the way to the west coast of Canada.

      "I think it's been the greatest teacher I've ever had, to live alone like this, to be in such extreme vacancy, in the middle of the desert, in the middle of the forest that has been a real digging in and finding something that I never knew existed in me," says Ende.

      Ende says she starts each day bright and early. She's heading out Wednesday morning at 5 a.m.

      She say's people in the Upper Peninsula have been very welcoming and she did make time to try a pasty, and she loved it.