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      Lake Antoine Road to be widened

      Dickinson County has been approved for a grant through the Michigan Department of Transportation for Lake Antoine Road in Iron Mountain. The grant, just under three million dollars, will create an estimated 200 new jobs in the area. The plan is to widen and repave the road and create a six foot wide shoulder. Dickinson County Road Commission Engineer, Lance Malburg, says the road expansion is something Iron Mountain has needed for years to reroute truck traffic.

      "Right now the trucks are going through downtown Iron Mountain. Granted, it's US-2; it's built for trucks, but the trucks are really shaking the buildings and causing a lot of trouble for the downtown businesses, so when this is done, trucks can get out of downtown Iron Mountain," said Malburg.

      Malburg will begin designing the reconstruction and applying for permits but says the project will hopefully begin in the spring or fall of 2014. He estimates the entire project will take six weeks to be completed.