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      Lake Effect Snow Advisories for Delta and Menominee Counties

      We are currently caught between a high pressure and a low pressure system right now. We are experiencing southeasterly winds as a result of this. This is why there are Lake Effect Snow Advisories for Delta and Menominee counties. Areas closest to Lake Michigan will see the most snow, with totals generally around one to four inches through early Sunday morning. The exception will be over the Stonington and Garden Peninsulas where totals could be around five inches.

      Elsewhere, there is still snow across portions of the western U.P. that the radar is not picking up. There are no advisories of warnings in the west, so accumulations will most likely be light; however, visibility can be limited in those areas.

      Snow will grace the Upper Peninsula on and off throughout the week as a few systems pass through during the course of the week. We can expect periods of lake effect snow as well in between those systems. It also looks like high temperatures could finally break the 20 degree mark as we get into next week.

      Stay tuned to TV6 and for more details.

      Have a wonderful weekend.