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      Lake Linden celebrates the 4th

      Downtown Lake Linden was flooded with people as they watched the parade pass by. Meanwhile, kids grabbed candy, as it fell to the ground.

      Ruth Jean Barkell watched the parade with her family and says it has been a part of the town for many years.

      â??Probably since 1948, maybe even longer than that, because we played in the band, and I graduated from Lake Linden in â??48,â?? said Barkell.

      After the recent loss of her husband, Barkell says her family didnâ??t know if they were going to join in the celebration.

      â??Our girls were skeptical and saying maybe we shouldnâ??t come down to the parade, because it would be too hard - but I said no, that was what your dad liked. He loved this parade, and I do, too,â?? Barkell said.

      The love of the parade is shared among many who celebrate the countryâ??s independence.

      After the parade, the celebration continued at the park where people got a chance to eat food and play games.

      â??My favorite part about the Fourth of July is the fireworks,â?? said Sophia Zerbst.