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      Lake Superior Community Partnership rebrands

      After two years of planning, the Lake Superior Community Partnership redefines their focus.

      For the last 14 years, they have been focused on helping businesses create jobs. Their new plan is to "stimulate and sustain a vibrant community by facilitating economic growth and prosperity."

      Amy Clickner, the CEO, says they will be doing so by enhancing partnerships with other organizations across the U.P. and the state.

      "Attracting business and new prospects. Working with the startup and, in particular, spending a lot of time with our current businesses in the county for retention and expansion opportunities," said Clickner.

      Throughout the years, they have been part of major changes like moving the Marquette County airport to the closed K.I. Sawyer Air Force Base. In 1998, they merged with the Negaunee and Ishpeming Chamber of Commerce. And just last year, LSCP helped more than 200 clients develop their businesses, creating more than 2,000 jobs locally, proving that they are the region's leading resource for economic development.

      They plan to provide a more active representation through connections with leaders and legislators.

      U.P. Family Solution's Executive Director, Rick Sanville, says they have been a great resource.

      "I think, as a community, we always need an organization that has a structure, a mission, a theme out in front of all of us. We are all out busy providing, doing our business sort of work, and we always need somebody advocating on our behalf," said Sanville.

      LSCP is 75 percent funded by private business donors and 25 percent by Marquette County.