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      Lake Superior Theatre debuts "I Do, I Do"

      Lake Superior Theatre in Marquette debuted its latest musical production, "I Do, I Do."

      "What's the first thing you say when you're getting married?" says actor Martyn Martello. "He says 'I do' and she says 'I do.'"

      But what happens after the celebration is over and the marriage has to stand the tests of time? The play's four actors cram all the milestones and emotions of 50 years into this production, all from the set of a bedroom.

      "It covers 50 years of a marriage, from that innocent first night together, to the night that they move out of the house and turn the house over to another young couple," says Martello.

      The play effortlessly transitions from the two young actors who portray all of the growing pains of the young married couple, to an older set of performers who take on the couple's next phase of married life.

      "We go through them getting married, them having kids and their first little fight," says actress Maggie Malaney. "We stop, and then Marty and Amy take over."

      This heartfelt tale of love and life starts Wednesday at the Lake Superior Theatre Boat House. They say that this family play is something that everyone can relate to.

      "We've all had fights over money. We've all had to deal with jealousy issues. It's all in this," says Martello.

      For more on times and tickets prices, go visit the Lake Superior Theatre website.