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      Lake Superior Theatre kicks off season this weekend

      The 2012 Lake Superior Theatre season kicks off this weekend.

      The first show of the year is a play by Herb Gardner entitled "A Thousand Clowns."

      The production is set in the year 1962. A bachelor uncle is endeavoring to raise his advanced nephew in New York City, but social services has been alerted that maybe he might not be a fit guardian for his nephew.

      Monica Nordeen plays Sandra in "A Thousand Clowns." Sandra is a social worker, who ends up getting romantically involved with the man she's investigating.

      The Lake Superior Theatre production is held in a boathouse, creating an intimate setting for spectators.

      "You get a lot of energy when they're this close to you, and that's just wonderful as a performer to feel that energy coming from the audience," said Nordeen.

      Rob Shirlin plays "Leo Herman," who is a character that provides comic relief and creates a lot of angst for the others on stage.

      "It's a play about growth, human growth for many of the different characters, allowing the characters to explore many different avenues of themselves to find out what in life is important to them," he said."

      Shirlin has always enjoyed exploring different voices and characterization.

      "This character allowed me the opportunity to explore something I never thought I would touch on which is a Jewish, New York, show host, kids show host," he said. "So how do you a Jewish, New York kids show host? Well I pulled from a lot of different characters from my past."

      Even though the show takes place 50 years ago, Nordeen said the audience will still be able to relate to it.

      "The themes and everything... they're current," she said. "And I just think people are going to laugh and have a great time and that's what this summer is all about."

      The show opens this Friday night, running until Sunday, and the cast takes the stage again next week. All performances begin at 7:30 p.m.

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