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      Lakestate Industries endowments

      Lakestate Industries in Escanaba is calling on the community to help its own this Christmas season. The organization assists individuals with barriers to unemployment by giving them job skills and a paycheck in return.

      Saturday, blue endowment fund envelopes will be placed inside the Daily Press newspaper. Officials hope people will be generous and give a gift of any amount. Money raised will ensure the continuation of the program. There were over 200 employees helped last year, and they work hard to make craft and woodwork items that are sold in the Rustic Room store.

      "But we are in the business to help those people gain work skills and then become employed, either here or out in the community. Ultimately, the goal would be in the community," said Executive Director, Cheryl Ohman. Last year, $20 was raised in the first-ever endowment fundraiser.