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      L'Anse High School hosts 64 businesses for annual career fair

      Sixty-four businesses from Baraga and Houghton counties crowded the L??Anse High School gym Friday afternoon for the high school??s third annual career fair.

      Ninth through 12th graders from L??Anse, along with juniors and seniors from Baraga, had the chance to speak with professionals about their field.

      What makes this career fair special is that it was organized by the L??Anse seniors.

      ??We had to start doing this when we were freshmen, too,?? said L??Anse senior, Jenna Hiltunen, who helped organize the event. ??You don??t have to make a direct decision then, but it??s good to get an idea of what you like so that you can start taking classes for those programs in college.??

      Many students say they??re still undecided about their future plans, but talking with companies allowed them to see the wide variety of options available, even the opportunities in the Copper Country, from veterinarians to coffee shop owners.

      ??It shows kids opportunities to see what they could possibly do in the future if they??re unsure,?? said L??Anse sophomore, Damion Back.

      ??They really don??t realize what??s in their backyard,?? said Rep. Scott Dianda, who was speaking with students about searching for jobs locally. ??There??s an opportunity to stay here after they graduate and get a job, and that??s what we want to see.??

      The career fair wasn??t just for learning about different jobs, but students also heard success stories of finding a career you??re truly passionate about.

      ??If you talk to someone that is really passionate about what they want to do, it??s like, ??Oh, wow! I want to be like that,???? Hiltunen said. ??I want to find what I really want to do and be this happy about what I??m doing at work.??