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      L'Anse Manufacturing keeps employment local while serving clients worldwide

      It may be just one small building hidden on back roads in Lâ??Anse, but Lâ??Anse Manufacturing creates medical, aerospace, and even military components that are shipped around the world.

      Company president, Mark Massicotte, said locating the company headquarters in this little community is no mistake.

      â??Weâ??re not here by accident. Weâ??re here by choice,â?? explained Massicotte. â??So, part of what was attractive, specifically the western part of the U.P., where work ethic is extremely strong. Primary businesses over the years have been logging and mining. Theyâ??re hard labor work, and we have generations of people that are good workers.â??

      Coming out of the recession a few years ago, Massicotte said in a time when small businesses took a hit, the companyâ??s diversity of service offers kept them afloat.

      He said what sets the company apart from bigger manufacturers isnâ??t the products they create, but rather the 24 employees that make them.

      â??Weâ??re agile,â?? stated Massicotte. â??We can provide services that other companies canâ??t see because theyâ??re very much ingrained into these high-volume commodities. Weâ??re low-volume, high-mix, which means we have to be very disciplined in what our approach is to our offer.â??

      What Massicotte said he hopes to focus on now is collaborative efforts in the community to bring industries together to create jobs and emphasize the importance of skilled labor.

      "We need skilled employees technically sound where they can come into the shop and be functional in a short period of time," he said. "So, we need to support in the community skilled trades training."

      Thats why Lâ??Anse Manufacturing is a key player in the Copper Country industry initiative, GreenForces, which promotes job creation and skills training.

      â??How do we help people that arenâ??t going to college get technical training? Because thatâ??s the people that weâ??re looking for: the people that have good cognitive skills that are good problem solvers,â?? he said.

      There are plans for expansion for the company including more buildings surrounding the Lâ??Anse headquarters and potential satellite offices around the globe.

      Massicotte said he has high hopes for the Lâ??Anse community in improving existing infrastructure and developing new opportunities.

      â??I will say that from a collaboration standpoint, these are exciting times, and itâ??s great to be part of it,â?? he said.