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      Lâ??Anse students build playground

      Kids living in L'Anse are getting a brand new playground thanks to the former eighth grade students from Mrs. Rinkinen's class. In May of this year the students received $30,000 from the L'Anse DDA and $5,000 from KBIC. With the playground equipment spread across the grass, it's finally time for the students to get to work. "It's really fun because we worked on this for so long and it's finally coming together and we're actually building it now and it's exciting to see all the new parts that everyone's going to get to play on in L'Anse," said Lauren Elemblad, student. When it comes to team work, the students definitely have it because they're planning on spending their entire afternoon building the playground until itâ??s finished. Volunteers from around the community are also helping with the playground and Mrs. Rinkinen says the playground is something her students should be proud of. "I do believe that once students have a really large success it's going to keep them motivated to keep trying new things and to really push to make a positive change in their community even after they leave L'Anse or end up staying on L'Anse," said Amanda Rinkinen, teacher. Wood chips still need to be put in place before kids can test out their new playground.