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      Lâ??Anse students go digital

      This year, Lâ??Anse School District is introducing a new way of learning with digital tablets.

      As eighth graders, like Christopher Harden, stand in line, they finally get a chance pick up their ASUS tablets.

      "I'm really excited because now we get to use technology in the classroom and in school. I'm excited to be able to bring the ASUS home with me and have all that technology in this little tablet, and I'll have all the technology at my fingertips," said Harden.

      The school says most students are already turning in online assignments, and with the new tablets, students will begin taking that next step into a predominately digital age.

      "We want to make sure that when our students leave the L'Anse Area Schools that they're able to function at a college level and be competitive in the world. Technology has become part of our students' lives, and we need to embrace that and use these tools to teach our students," said Carrie Meyer, principal.

      With the introduction of these digital tablets, school officials say textbooks and computer labs will eventually fade away. In fact for L'Anse students, their classroom will become the computer lab, and having the tablets will help reduce cost in the long run.

      The project is in the beginning stages. Eventually every student will receive a tablet, but for this year, only eighth and second grade students will receive the ASUS.

      L'Anse is now one of two schools in the Copper Country to go digital.