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      Lâ??Anse students will have digital tablets in fall

      This fall, second and eighth grade students from Lâ??Anse will use the ASUS Transformer tablet.

      It is similar to the iPad, and teachers like Jennifer Rubin say the tablet will give students easier access to the programs they are using during class.

      â??What Iâ??m using in my classroom right now is a classroom management platform called Moodle, and this is a situation where my students are able to log on to computers right now and theyâ??re able to access their assignments, notes, quizzes and tests. Now with these devices, Iâ??m able to send my students home with that technology in their hands,â?? said Jennifer Rubin, technology teacher.

      On Monday, the Lâ??Anse Area Schools' Board of Education approved the $650,000 project, and administrators say the project will continue over the next five years.

      â??We have a technology team that was put together by our superintendent to start investigating the concept of one to one in our district. What one to one means is one mobile computer device for each student,â?? said Carrie Meyer, Lâ??Anse Principal.

      With most students already turning in online assignments, students say the ASUS will have its benefits.

      â??People will be able to take notes easier instead of having to go on a computer or write it down, and itâ??ll be a quicker way to look back on information youâ??ve learned,â?? said Shay Ekdahl, seventh grader.

      School officials say the ASUS will add more excitement to the classroom, especially with all of the numerous educational applications the tablet has to offer.

      â??This is definitely going to be a revolutionary change in education,â?? Meyer said.

      To help fund this project, the school will cut money from textbooks and computer labs.