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      L'Anse superintendent retires

      L'Anse Area School District is saying goodbye to one of their own as Superintendent Raymond Pasquali retires after fourteen years.

      "The decision was a long time coming. Fourteen years is a long time to be a superintendent in the state of Michigan. I'm excited, I'm apprehensive, and I'm hoping for good things in the future," said Pasquali.

      This upcoming school year will be the last one for the superintendent. Pasquali says one of his proudest moments was the rebuilding of the school.

      Replacing him is Carrie Meyer, the current principal of the L'Anse Junior and Senior High School. Meyer says at the top of her list of priorities is maintaining a strong curriculum as financially efficient as possible.

      "I will always be passionate about providing an excellent education for these students. My only other focus with that will be to maintain a decent fund balance, so that is something I will work very closely with our board of education, so that we're able to make educated decisions," said Meyer.

      And as for Pasquali, he's remembering why he loved his job so much.

      "The best part about the job is the kids. It's extremely refreshing to go out in the hallway and visit with all these kids. They're full of life, and they're just enjoyable, and they're exciting. They keep me charged up," Pasquali said.

      Meyer won't officially take over the superintendent position until next school year.