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      Large donation helps Iron Mountain Salvation Army

      The Salvation Army in Iron Mountain had a good holiday season after receiving a generous donation. They received a donation of close to $14,000 from the 100 Women Club. The organization recruits 100 women to commit a donation of $100 four times a year to an organization. The Salvation Army was the first recipient. They say that money will help them fill some urgent needs.

      "We are assisting as of today. You know it's the new year and our book is filled, so I don't know how long it will last 'cause I don't know what needs are going to be presenting, but we will assess any urgent need that comes through and see what we can do," said the Director of the Iron Mountain Salvation Army, Tara Blagec.

      The money donated will be used to assist with any residents with an urgent need regarding utilities, rent, medical and prescription co-pays and also for the food pantry.