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      Last minute auditions for Rock Camp still being taken

      A popular summer camp in the Copper Country begins soon. PJ Olsson's Rock Camp starts next week, and last minute auditions are still being taken.

      Rock Camp is a two week music school for kids ages 9 to 19 who want to sharpen their skills. Professional musicians spend the week helping the kids practice songs to produce a rock show at the end of the camp.

      So far, 35 students are enrolled in the camp, and auditions are due by this Saturday. Rock Camp organizers say it's a great opportunity for the kids to improve their talents and get a feel for performing on stage.

      "Rock Camp is a huge departure from the classroom experience," says Todd Brassard, Rock Camp program director. "Our process is very organic and real because what we're trying to do is produce a real rock show, and to do that, we have to do all the real work. So, the greatest part about this experience is that they're doing something that is completely real."

      Visit their website for more information about auditions.