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      Lawmakers approve controversial abortion legislation

      On Wednesday, Michigan lawmakers approved the controversial legislation that will prohibit insurance companies from covering abortions unless the woman purchases a separate rider. The original proposal sent to lawmakers was initiated by over 300,000 petition signatures of Michigan voters. Both the House and the Senate approved the proposal, but the legislation will not need the signature of Governor Snyder before going into effect in March. While some are upset over this legislation since it won't cover instances of rape or incest, others are in support of the decision.

      â??I agree with it,â?? said Mia Upperstorm. â??I think if it's a medical problem that there needs to be an abortion, like if the mom's life is in danger, then the insurance should cover it, but other than medical problems, it shouldn't be covered because adoption is always an option.â??

      Supporters of the legislation say taxpayers should not be responsible for subsidizing abortions through tax dollars and insurance premiums, but those in opposition say abortion should be considered full and comprehensive health coverage.